Thursday, June 21, 2018

Trump stops family separation? Children and parents are not bricks

Children and parents are not bricks, like the wall’s ones, that you can pull up and then throw down, and raise again, depending on the umpteenth, delirious tweet of the moment, that you can spit out from your teeth and a moment later attribute to an elusive expiatory spokesperson, justify your word as the always useful misunderstanding. Or, at best, deleting it.

Parents and children are not a group of shares, which you can divide and sell in different markets, and then merge into a new business and if the stock requires to shatter everything and try not to end up in loss.

Children and parents are not those damn weapons, to be religiously disassembled and reassembled, cleaning and oiling the pieces properly.

Parents and children are not even the parts of your perennial presidential campaign monologue, to systematically disunite between them and above all from every sort of context, and then rekindling them in bulk, so that nothing could be understood and the obtuse cry could be heard everywhere.

Children, parents, children, parents, are not the protagonists of a video game, the designated targets, which as digital variables, in the form of sacrificial characters in a populist shooter, you can divide and add up without losing points.

When you remove a son from his mother, if you subtract a daughter from her father, when you break up a family, you can also try to remedy the crime, but the damage remains.

For that you will have to answer, sooner or later.
Better the sooner, though…

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