Thursday, October 25, 2018

The right words

Once upon a time the US mission to the United Nation and its desire to eliminate the word “gender” from UN human rights documents.
Once upon a time, indeed, the aim to replace it with “woman”, seemingly a consequence of Trump’s plan to erase transgender lives on earth.
So, once upon a time the right words for the neofascist dictionary.
Where you might say good citizen, you should think about white and rich men.
And where you could imagine a criminal and poor guy, you must see an immigrant or just a man with African origin.
Where you want to figure out a normal family, you have to draw a whole blond group of smiling dad and mom, sons and a black maid, if you need it too.
And where you need to consider a perfect contrary example, you just have to change the color of the skin and the quality of the neighborhood.
Where you'll say peace mission, it will mean war, and while you'll hear screaming war, it will be so, but it will too late for running out of the nightmare.
Because every dictatorship, strong or soft it might be - like today is, it needs leaders and soldiers, but it should
also know how to spread the usual, old and new right words... 

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