Thursday, November 22, 2018

Famine is a weapon

Famine YemenIt is a bad story, this.
For how it started and, above all, because of the outcome.
It's an old one like the world itself, where someone wrote earth, you'd better read a planet at war.
However, like any storytelling that takes root in the viewer's imagination, convincing him that it is just another fairy tale he should get used to, it also meets the rules of box office success.
An evocative title: Famine is a weapon.
A simple and immediate synopsis, already used, but that’s why it’s a winning one: the usual powerful nations, as Great Britain and United States, sell weapons to the umpteenth brutal coalition, this time led by Saudi Arabia.
A plot that unfolds in a predictable, but linear way, according to the inhumane, modern logic: eighty-five thousand children have died since 2015 and at least five million are at risk of doing the same death because of the most effective weapon of mass destruction in history.
Hunger used like a weapon, yes its, exactly like the title.
Hence the final moral of this filthy feature movie: where the bombs will not be enough, starvation will defeat Yemen.
Yet, there is still time to get up from our comfortable armchairs, turn on the lights and stop this damn film...

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